Brooklyn Borough Hall Hosts “Brooklyn Is Africa” Exhibit; Featuring A Selection of Rare and Historic African Artifacts From The Eric Edwards Collection



Partnering with the Cultural Museum of African Art, this free, publicly accessible exhibit, the first of the Reynoso administration, represents the diaspora of the borough

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BROOKLYN, NY (March 9, 2022) Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso today announced the “Brooklyn is Africa” exhibit being displayed at Brooklyn Borough Hall in March. Partnering with the Cultural Museum of African Art (CMAA), the exhibit will feature a selection of Eric Edwards collection of rare and historical African artifacts, representing the diaspora of the borough. The free exhibit will be open to the public weekdays, 10:00AM to 4:00PM, from March 10th through March 21st.To RSVP, visit

“As home to the largest population of Africans in the United States, it is Brooklyn’s pride and obligation to celebrate this rich and diverse history that’s still omnipresent in our communities,” said Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso. “Further, we are honored that our first event open to the public at-large is featuring pieces from the Eric Edwards collection, someone who has dedicated his life to the preservation of this history right here in Brooklyn.”

“The Cultural Museum of African Art appreciates Brooklyn Borough President Reynoso’s commitment to the African contributions in the areas of art, culture, science, and history,” said Cultural Museum of African Art Founder and Executive Director Eric Edwards. “We look forward to elevating Brooklyn to a new awareness, commemorating the end of Black History Month and celebrating Woman’s History Month in March. The goal of our exhibition at Brooklyn Borough Hall is to make the peoples of the diaspora cognizant of our contributions, value systems, which leads to righteousness and the protective care of our ancestors. The messages they are whispering through the artifacts leads to us giving nurture to all standing amongst us.”

The exhibit will feature three main themes: maternity, music, and awareness. The maternity theme will honor women and birth, revered as a symbol of life and perpetuation of life in Africa, an important symbol in African ceremonies. The theme of music was one used in many ceremonies for initiation and to summon spirits, and used for communication within and between tribal groups. The awareness theme showcases pieces used in ceremonial initiation for when young boys were transitioning from child to man and young girls from child to woman.

Brooklyn is home to the largest population of Africans in the United States, underscoring the importance of showcasing this rich history and heritage at Brooklyn Borough Hall. The themes of the exhibit have a direct correlation to the priorities and mission of the Brooklyn Borough President, including his goal of reducing crisis-level maternal mortality rates within the borough, and reintroducing art, music, and cultural celebrations to Brooklynites.

Visitors to the exhibit can expect to see pieces like “Standing Maternity,” a statue originating in Mali in the early 20th century from the Dogon people that was created to display the maternal female’s relevance and importance she played in the community in survival of everyday life in Africa; and the “Poro Secret Society” mask that has origins in the Ivory Coast in the mid-20th century to the Baule people. This mask was commonly used in ritual rites for the purpose of initiation, symbolizing a boy’s elevation to manhood and superior knowledge.

In addition to reserving tickets for the limited time exhibit, walk-ins will be accommodated weekdays between 1:00PM-2:00PM. Each guest will be allowed 45-minutes to enjoy the art. Background on each artifact will be available.

CMAA is the creation of African artifacts collector Eric Edwards, who has amassed the most significant and important African artifacts collection in the world. Edwards’ journey spans more than 50 years, in which he has carefully selected these unique pieces, which include all 54 countries on the African continent, and date back more than 4,000 years of human history.

In 2021, CMAA was awarded a substantial grant by the New York State Assembly, sponsored by Assembly Member Stefani Zinerman, and supported by Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, which will be utilized to create CMAA’s first public-facing museum at Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation, Brooklyn, NY. CMAA is slated to open its doors in July of 2022.

Brooklyn Borough President hosted an opening reception for the exhibit on Tuesday, March 8. To view photos of the reception, visit the official Brooklyn Borough President Flickr page.



With Joy And Appreciation, BP Reynoso Celebrated And Honored St. Lucia’s 43rd Independence Day


All those in attendance of St. Lucia’s 43rd Independence Day celebration, wave the St. Lucian flag proudly on the steps of Brooklyn Borough Hall Plaza.

Photo Credit: Office of the Brooklyn Borough President

BROOKLYN, NY – On Tuesday, February 22, 2022, the Office of Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso held a celebration in honor or St. Lucia’s 43rd Independence featuring heartwarming poetry, lively and joyous performances, ending with a trip to the steps of Brooklyn Borough Hall Plaza where guests could see the flag of St. Lucia flying proudly above

Brooklyn Borough Hall.

To see more photos from the event, view the entire album on the Flickr page of the Office of the Brooklyn Borough President.


Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso Taps Assemblymember Diana Richardson for Deputy BP

Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso Taps Assemblymember Diana Richardson for Deputy BP

Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso Taps Assemblymember Diana Richardson for Deputy BP

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (January 10, 2022) — Today, Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso announced he is bringing on Assemblymember Diana Richardson as Deputy Borough President. In her new role, Richardson will be focused on addressing food insecurity, reducing gun violence, and supporting Brooklyn’s Community Boards and ensuring they are reflective of the communities they serve.

Richardson is a lifelong Brooklyn resident, the daughter of immigrants, and a committed public servant. She has served the neighborhoods of Crown Heights, Flatbush, Wingate, and Prospect Lefferts Gardens in the Assembly since 2015. During her tenure, she has championed progressive change in the areas of housing, criminal justice reform, education, and healthcare.

Richardson led the fight on gun violence in the New York State Legislature and recently passed the Community Violence Intervention Act of 2021 which secures funding for state-wide Cure Violence Programs.

Richardson championed fifteen pieces of legislation signed into law, and led the fight to pass New York States Police Reform Act of 2020 and the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act (HSTPA) of 2019.

Additionally, Richardson delivered millions of dollars in aid to the public schools in her district—funding capital and technology improvements, and advocating for civic education.

“For years, Assemblymember Richardson has been an unwavering progressive voice and a powerful advocate for her community in Central Brooklyn. From tackling food insecurity and gun violence in our communities to delivering historic tenant protections and criminal justice reform, Diana has been on the frontlines fighting for the kind of progressive policies that transform communities,” said Borough President Reynoso. “Diana has shown time and again that she is committed to standing up for the most vulnerable among us, and I know that she shares our vision of creating a Brooklyn that works for all of us. I’m proud to bring her on as Deputy Borough President and ready to get to work together advocating for all Brooklynites.”

“Much like Borough President Reynoso, I have dedicated my life to serving the community that raised me here in Brooklyn, and I’m honored to be able to continue that service in Borough Hall,” said Richardson. “Our borough has been hit hard by this pandemic, particularly the communities of color, small businesses, and essential workers on the frontlines, and I’m ready to work alongside Borough President Reynoso to uplift working families and deliver a recovery that centers the most vulnerable among us. Borough President Reynoso is a coalition builder and a progressive champion, and I know that together we can deliver a stronger, more equitable future for Brooklyn.”

“Few public servants get to serve the communities where they were born and raised, even fewer get to do so with distinction, passion, and integrity” said State Senator Zenor Myrie.  “Assemblymember Richardson is such a servant.  Her voice has matched her actions; whether it was fighting for transformative housing and criminal justice reforms in the halls of Albany, feeding our communities for weeks-on-end at the height of the pandemic, or standing on the frontline in our neighborhoods to stop gun violence, she has exemplified what it means to serve tirelessly and with your whole heart. It has been an honor to serve with her in the legislature, and I look forward to continued partnership.  While I undoubtedly join many in my community in being sad to see her leave the Assembly, the 43rd’s loss is Brooklyn’s gain. Assemblymember Richardson and Borough President Reynoso are about to take Brooklyn to new heights, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for our beloved borough.”

“As we usher in the New Year 2022 and our newly elected Municipal and County leadership assumes their positions, I’d like to thank Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso for his service to our City as a former New York City Councilmember and wish him continued success as our New Brooklyn Borough President” said Congresswoman Yvette Clarke. “I’d also like to congratulate Borough President Reynoso on his appointment of Diana Richardson, Assemblywoman of the 43rd District, as his Deputy Borough President.  She is indeed an excellent choice to serve our Great Borough of Brooklyn. For the past 6 years I have been honored to partner and serve with Assemblywoman Diana Richardson who is not only a colleague in government, but who also represents me as a resident of the 43rd District in the N.Y. State Assembly. Her work ethic, leadership and compassion for others has placed her on the frontlines of policymaking in service to our community. She has truly transformed the discourse and the legislative course of action taken in Albany on behalf of the most vulnerable of our communities, our city and our state. I’m confident that our Borough will greatly benefit from her hands-on approach and her passion for service.  While her voice will be dearly missed speaking on our behalf in Albany, the Brooklyn Borough President has gained a true champion for the people of our Borough. I wish both our new Borough President and his newly appointed Deputy Borough President, Ms. Diana Richardson all the best as they embark upon this new era of public service to the people of our beloved Brooklyn.”

“Throughout my time in Washington, I always knew I could count on Assemblymember Diana Richardson to fight for our values in Albany, and now, I know she’s ready to continue her important work from Borough Hall as Deputy Borough President,” said Congressman Hakeem Jefferies. “From fighting for tenants to preventing gun violence, Diana knows how to deliver for our community, and she brings experience and passion to the Reynoso administration.”

“A long-time Working Families Party champion, Diana Richardson has been a powerful voice in Albany and a relentless advocate for her community,” said Sochie Nnaemeka, Director NY Working Families Party. “She’s fought to create more affordable housing and protect tenants against unjust rent hikes and tackled the crisis of gun violence with compassion, urgency and moral clarity. We applaud her selection as Deputy Brooklyn Borough President and know that Asm. Richardson will always look out for the people of Brooklyn. The administration of Borough President Reynoso keeps getting brighter.”

“I have known Assemblymember Diana Richardson over a decade as a student leader at Medgar Evers College and then as a dynamic Member of Assembly of the 43rd Assembly District serving our community,” said Una Clarke, Former New York City Councilwoman. “She has dedicated her life to serving Brooklyn, and she’s going to be a great Deputy Borough President,” said Dr. Una Clarke. “She is committed to prioritizing education, supporting immigrants and working families, and keeping our borough safe. I’ve known Diana for years, and this is an exciting new chapter for her and Brooklyn.”

“As our representative in the NY State Assembly, Diana Richardson was always accessible and sought to understand the needs of her constituents in Crown Heights,” said Rabbi Eli Cohen, Executive Director of the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council. Borough President Reynoso’s decision to appoint her as his deputy in Borough Hall is good news for our neighborhood and good news for all Brooklyn residents.”

“Diana Richardson has been a fearless advocate for our communities for years. I know she’ll continue bringing that enthusiastic spirit to her role as Deputy Borough President to take on gun violence, address food insecurity, and ensure an equitable recovery from this pandemic.” said Brenda Edwards, President, Prospect Lefferts Gardens Neighborhood Association