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Affordable housing continues to be a challenge for all Brooklynites. My office has been at the forefront of trying to address this crisis releasing a housing report that outlined potential development sites as well as key policy reforms to build and preserve affordable housing in Brooklyn, while also increasing capital funds dedicated to affordable housing by six percent in our first year in office. We have also supported innovative housing projects from Bedford-Stuyvesant to East New York.

I stand with tenants threatened by deregulation of rent-stabilized apartments and have partnered with local elected officials to call for the closing of loopholes in rent stabilization programs. In advance of the 2015 rent stabilization law reauthorization, I called for reforms that would allow New York City to set its own regulations as well as to eliminate a rule that allows developers to de-regulate stabilized units when that unit becomes vacant.

Moreover, I also launched a faith-based housing initiative to advise faith-based institutions on ways to develop land and provide affordable housing to communities throughout Brooklyn. New York City must also create “Grandfamily” housing in Brooklyn, which would support grandparents raising their grandchildren.

Communities must have a say in how they are developed and planning must be done comprehensively.

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